Product – Results on 1000 Users

Results on 1000 Users

Here are the results compiled from a sample of 1000 users who used Clearify for a month.
These users have varying degrees and combinations of oily, acne-prone, clogged, blemished and sensitive skin.

- 99% found their skin visibly less oily and sporting a more normalized complexion.
- 92% observed a reduction in the severity of their acne (pimple) infections.
- 89% agreed that there were visibly fewer new acne infections.
- 97% observed that there were visibly fewer clogged pores, whiteheads and blackheads.
- 85% reported a smoother, clearer (less blemished), more youthful and more evenly-toned complexion.
- 80% observed a reduction in pore size.
- 85% of those who use makeup daily were observed to have visibly fewer clogged pores and breakouts.
- 98% agreed that their sensitive skin responded favorably to the product.
- 80% observed refinement and improvement to their skin texture.
- 85% would continue using Clearify as means to prevent and treat outbreaks, normalize sebaceous activity,
- and maintain the clarity and youthfulness of their skin.

Separately, of those who used Clearify regularly over 24 months, more than 98% found sustainable and progressive results even on problem-free skin.