Comments from our Users

“Good things must be shared so I am doing a shout out for an all-natural product that has helped me keep my combination skin acne-free.”
Gary Chan

“This works quite instantly for me . I thought Dr Murad works well but this is real magic. No regrets.”
Rebecca Ang

“I’m expecting and was introduced this product by my sister. Works well on my skin while feeling safe for my baby and myself while using it.”
Emily Q

“One small drop of the miracle solution, 3 applications, clears my skin significantly.”
Thomas Ang

“Works better than a $90 serum from my dermatologist!”
Rosanne Williams

“I don’t have the best of skin complexions, but I’ve used this little miracle worker once every 2 days and it has cleared up my skin (less clogged pore bumps, oil control) PLUS it always manages to get a pimple situation under control super fast.”
Vicki Lew

“I’ve been using this and it works wonders for my skin.”
Sara Ng

“I rarely plug skincare products. But such miraculous inventions must be shared. My first bottle of Clearify came to me in 2009 just when I had a humongous pimple (trust me, it was big) on the bridge of my nose. Daily application saw the volcano of a zit disappear within three days!”
Wong HF

“The product showed results on my skin in a matter of days. For a moment when I thought my order had not been delivered, the after-sales follow-up was consistent and top notch!”
Stan Chan

“If i do not believe in this product, I wouldnt even post this out on my facebook wall.”
Yueh Ling Lee

“At first, you might wonder why does it feel slightly oily and wonder how well does it work. But upon application, you realize that it is very quickly absorbed by the skin and it doesn’t leave it oily at all. And within a week, the pores are visibly smaller and the skin starts to clear up! AMAZING!.”
Scott Tzeng

“Put your best face forward with Clearify.”
Dennis Lim

“This serum worked well on those pimply looking bumps over my cheeks and forehead. In fact it got them unnoticeable almost overnight. Am happy that for once, a product I purchased online and through reviews actually work. I’m wearing no make-up now.”
Iris Vo

“Smoothes my skin. Skin looks more glowy and feels less bumpy than before. All in less than 2 weeks. The 2 week wait for it to be delivered to the Americas was worth it.”
Miriam Macdns

“Was given some to try 2 weeks ago and I am happy to say that this product reduced my blackheads and prevented recurring pimples from appearing. It just so happened the day i received this product, I had an uber huge GREYHEAD above my cheekbone and had attempted to extract it. The extraction caused a lot of bleeding and after that, dark pigmentation. Applying Clearify, the marks faded considerably within 2 weeks. It is now barely visible! Friends say such marks will take months to fade off! You are putting your money’s worth in this product and can finally put an end to remembering the many mind boggling products!!”
Bryan Wong

“Very useful in reducing sebum as testified by the other users here. Works very well on acne-prone Caucasianskin too. Looking better, in time for Christmas and the hot summer.”
Stanley T

“My skin actually looks clearer, with smaller pores after using Clearify for about 2 weeks! I hope this product continues to work its magic! Works better than any facial.. which causes me nothing but pain!”
Daphnie Chong

“I’ve not looked back since its launch on Facebook when it was a virtually unheard of product. Give your skin a chance to look and feel better!
Mars Chen

“Helps me prevent stress-induced acne from forming. I carry it in my handbag and whenever I feel an acne breaking out, I will dab a minute drop over that area and it’s been sustainable in keeping acne at bay. Best product!”
Xun Ling

“Great product, easy to use and visible results. Ideal for lazy folks like me! haha
Eugene Tan

“My complexion was marred by many small breakouts which continually appear over my t-zone. Clearify helped me arrest these breakouts. I still get a couple of them now, but they are not only unnoticeable,but also subside in two days. My skin appears smoother and more evenly toned.”
Diana Sugianto

“Pleasantly surprised by the fast-acting results on soothing little pimples I developed over my nose, cheek and forehead. Using it as recommended, didn’t dry my sensitive skin out as well. I’m a convert!”
Sabrina Williams

“Less oily, less clogged pores, less breakouts, clearer skin, smoother skin, easy to use, inexpensive product, greater self-confidence. Need I say more?”
Ling Li

“Good product. Delivers more than just the results as mentioned in this website. Thanks to my wife who no longer have to force me to use Clearify every night.”
Issac Goh

“I got sick of continuing with oral antibiotics, course after course to arrest my acne problem. Decided to try this product from a Facebook page and my skin has since become less oily and more manageable. Didn’t work much in the first two weeks but I’m halfway into my 2nd bottle now and the outbreaks become less frequent and less intense. Amazing!”
Jien Lin

“This product is magical. Really, really. I got so distressed when mine finished hahah.”

“Read about Clearify from a recent beauty award on CLEO and its been about 2 weeks of using it. My skin showed visible improvements almost overnight! It truly deserves the best acne zapper award!”
Chris Tang

“Using it for more than 2 months now. Very sustainable results, very easy to use. This comment is coming from someone who does not believe in using skin care products.”
Diana Dessay

“RM160 may sound like a very expensive skin care product to most people, including myself. On my fourth bottle now, the benefits of it and its results far outweigh the cost of it.”
Desmond Kang

“I was doubtful if Clearify can actually work as some claim to melt away the nagging oil bumps and pimples on my skin. Happy to say that… I was so wrong!”
Joan Lee

“Been with them since 2006. My skin is way much manageable. Tried a few place but i was never happy and satisfied with what they provided me. But this time round, with proper care from the right place and products that are beneficial to your face, things work out just fine. I have never looked back since. If you haven’t try it yet, go check it out.”

“Its extremely effective in preventing outbreaks especially when i load up on my body building supplements. My skin is less oily and more evenly toned.”
Chris Cullen

“The liquid really does wonders… it actually heals faster than i thought that other products in the market would does. Newly acne subsides in just one night.”
Asraf Sani

“You know what made me really happy? – Clearify, because it works. It literally put me back up in control when it comes to prevention of blemishes.”
Lokies Khan

“Body building has always been my passion but it often comes with the downside of outbreaks and irritable skin from the supplements I choose. With Clearify, I don’t have to worry about these downsides.”
Roger Smith

“Rescued my forehead from bumpy oily “seeds” ever since i started with this “magic liquid” which i came across on a friend’s facebook posting. talk about word of mouth!”
Stephanie Neals

“An effective product and amazingly gentle on sensitive skin!”
Adnan Ghotmi

“I’ve introduce clearify to my sibling’s and some of my friends. I hope they will get to try it soon too.”
Adam Khoo

“Thanks to this magical liquid. My skin has really improved dramatically and prevented new pimples from popping out. I used it on a painful acne and it lost the swell just overnite.”
Dominic W

“I can only say: it works. I especially LOVEEEE~ how it looks like honey but smells like chocolate!!!”

“The results were AMAZING. crazily amazing as i have really sensitive skin… breakouts? I can’t even see them anymore.. blackheads are much lesser.. and less visible pores. I have placed my order two days ago. Hope it comes soon.”
Lim Li

“$65 for a 10ml serum like Clearify initially sounded costly to a student like myself. but after using it and each bottle lasts me for so long.. its actually dirt cheap! :p”
Carissa Lok

“After using Clearify for 3 weeks, my oily skin is much more manageable now and it doesn’t have a layer of shine even when I’m out for long hours. Extremely Pleased with the pore refining effect and how easily it is absorbed into my skin!”
Leighton Cheng

“I’ve used clearify for about 3 weeks and so far, this product has shown the most improvement to my face. Most importantly, pimples go off easily and blemishes are fading as well. What’s surprising is how much wonder this little bottle can do.”
Jermaine Han

“Undeniably, I do feel more confident about myself especially when my job requires me to meet people. Thanks Clearify!”
Claire Chen

“Always have very overly active oily skin hence pimples are always popping out everywhere. Ever since i use Clearify, there’s lesser pimples and a lesser sensitive skin. thank god for Clearify!!!! :p”
Daniel Chan

“Been using this product since 3yrs ago when i was in JC. my skin’s improved alot ever since and is the subject of envy among my friends from national service.”
Gary Lau